5 Reasons to Choose Custom Challenge Coins

Special occasions deserve special souvenirs to remember them forever. Among the wide array of selections for tokens, the best would be custom challenge coins. Why? Here are 5 reasons:

Custom Challenge Coins1. Custom challenge coinsare highly customizable. One can practically design anything on challenge coins. Is it the 10th anniversary of your company? Why not place your company’s logo, together with the tagline, plus the number 10 in front? Are you celebrating the 80th birthday of your father? Distribute these coins with your family’s surname or other personal symbols as designs on the coins. Or maybe, it is the grand opening of your new shop? It could also serve as great give away item to hand out to potential clients during the opening day. Whether the occasion is simple or grand, formal or casual, or private or public, challenge coins would make great mementos.

2. Custom challenge coins are durable. You want something that can last for years or even, for a lifetime, with minimal care, right? Then these coins are perfect. They do not break, get damaged or appear old for fifty years and more. It’s a great keepsake that one can pass from generation to generation. How do you keep them looking brand new? Just place them in a dry, cool place and wipe them with a dry cloth once or twice a year and that’s it. Technically, they are maintenance-free.

3. Custom challenge coins are easy to have. Nowadays, you can order these coins without leaving your house. You can either design them yourself or let the professionals do the artwork for free (depends on the company where you are ordering the coins). When you have reached an agreement on the design, materials, size, quantity, and payment, a job order form would be completed. After that, you can relax and wait for maximum 2 weeks for delivery.

4. They are so affordable.Most challenge coins companies offer free quotes. The prices can vary according to the following:

    a. Quantity – one can order from 50 to 2000 or more. Of course, the higher the quantity, the cheaper they get.

    b. Size – available sizes vary from 1.5” up to 3”. One can also request for a bigger size for a fee.

    c. Shape –circle, triangle, rectangular, star shapes,or other special shapes can be done.

    d. Color – one can design up to 7 colors per coin.

e. Sides – the coin could just be one sided or two sided. It’s up to you.

    f. The edge – one can choose from oblique line edge, bezel edge, rope edge or cross cut edge.

    g. Other extras –This is where the uniqueness of the coin can shine. One can make their challenge coins more special by adding these extra features for an additional fee, such as:

  • 3D image
  • Dual plating
  • Epoxy dome
  • Antiquated gold
  • Glow in the dark enamel
  • Sequential numbering
  • Cut outs
  • Duo-tone metals
  • Keychain attachments

    h. Presentation – one can place the coin individually in envelope, velvet bag or coin case, coin capsule or acrylic coin case, depending on the occasion or your preference.

The price can range from $2.10 up to $12+ depending on these factors.

5. They are beautiful. They may be small but they are elegant. They are also timeless. They will never get out of fashion. One can keep these in frames or glass shelves then display them for others to see. Each custom challengecoin has a story that one can share to others.

Custom challenge coins are the ideal tokens whatever the situation is. One can never go wrong in choosing challenge coins for mementos.


At, all things are made easy, fast and fun to order custom coins!

Many Ways to Design Logo Lanyards

Logo lanyards are efficient ID carriers, but more than that, they are an excellent way to advertize a company’s brand or a charitable cause. Neck laces have become the go-to giveaways for businesses during job fairs and trade shows. They are a favorite among guests as well because an ID necklace can be utilized for many purposes. They can be used to hold everyday objects like sunglasses, phones, and music players. This can be a useful way to secure people’s small belongings when they are performing physical activities such as running or mountain climbing.

Logo lanyardsLogo lanyards can also be used by new entrepreneurs. These cords can serve as a tool to help them advertise their up-and-coming businesses. In addition to placing an image, they can print their company name and contact number on the lanyard. This is a low cost way to help market their new brand. Since newcomers have a limited budget, they have to be tactical with their choices and expenditures.

Logo lanyards give businesses a chance to express the identity of their brand. A lot of thought and creativity goes into creating company logos. It’s because these images will become identified with their companies, and serve as a trademark. Customers can choose the graphics, words, patterns and images that go on the surface of the necklace. Those who are designing their own neck straps can select the color that they want to use. If they have an exact shade they want reproduced, they may request for a color match. Most companies use the Pantone Color library for reference. There are also options to choose from when it comes to the neck strap, such as nylon and dye sublimated. Lanyard manufacturers offer diverse choices when it comes to the styles as well.

One of the more classic styles is the woven lanyard. With this option, the method of placing logos and texts on ID straps involves stitching the designs onto the lanyard itself, yielding a finished product that is both timeless and elegant. This lanyard style, however, works best on simple designs only. Elaborate patterns may not end up looking legible using this weaving process.

For customers who want to replicate artworks or logos on the surface of the necklace, the nylon lanyard is a perfect fit. This lanyard style features the greatest accuracy and precision when it comes to printing. Moreover, the neck strap is made of high-quality nylon which gives the lanyard a shiny finish. Nylon lanyards are also very sturdy and can withstand rough conditions.

The latest trend when it comes to ID necklaces is the cord or shoestring lanyard. This round lanyard looks cute and feels comfortable around the neck. Despite its size, this type of ID lace still offers excellent visibility for the text and graphics.

Those who are budget conscious can avail of the flat polyester lanyard. This is a popular item in the lanyard world. Manufacturers offer this type of neck strap at a very low price. This style yields well-printed logos and texts that are beautiful and vivid.

These are just some of the types of neck straps an individual can choose from. Ordering can be done online, by filling up a form on the manufacturer’s website. Most manufacturers offer some free attachments. They also have a selection of different hardware to choose from for those who are looking for specialized attachments to go with their order.

ID necklaces are typically ordered in sets. Some distributors offer reduced prices for large orders. For questions regarding the ordering process, the customer can usually call a toll-free number.

Logo lanyards can be customized depending on the customer’s budget, need and preference. With these options, customers can create their ideal ID necklace. Companies who are looking to promote their products can create the perfect customized lanyard that will bring awareness to their brand.

Infertility and HCG

The human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG is a naturally occurring hormone that is produced by women even in their non-pregnant state. HCG is produced in very little amounts and functions to support the development and release of eggs by the ovaries during ovulation. Because of this role, HCG is also used to treat or correct conditions of infertility in women.

HCG therapy for infertility in women is based on the concept of using synthetic HCG to stimulate the ovaries to produce eggs and initiate ovulation. It is given via subcutaneous (under the skin) or intramuscular (into a muscle) injection by a doctor or nurse. HCG could also be self-administered at home per doctor’s instructions as to how and where to inject the hormone. When self-administering the injections, the patient should call the doctor for any sign of blood clotting like pain, redness, swelling, numbness, warmth, tingling sensations in the arm or leg, dizziness, headache, and confusion.

1hcgdropsAside from the purpose of treating infertility in women by stimulating egg production and ovulation, the HCG hormone may also be administered to men for the purpose of increasing sperm production to correct fertility problems. It can also be used in young boys whose testicles failed to drop down normally into their scrotums or scrotal sacs.

HCG therapy may help correct the mentioned problems; however, the use of HCG could also bring unwanted side effects. The use of synthetic HCG may cause ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome (OHSS) in women, where the ovaries become swollen and painful. Women under HCG therapy should watch out for signs and symptoms of OHSS such as pain in the pelvis or hips, swelling or edema of the arms and legs, abdominal pain and swelling, weight gain, shortness of breath, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, and urination problems. The doctor should be called up immediately when any of these signs occur.

HCG therapy, like In Vitro Fertilization, also increases the chance of conceiving multiples (twins, triplets, etc.). That would be a high-risk pregnancy for the woman and the babies, so special care is needed and special precautions must be observed per the doctor’s orders.

The use of HCG could also cause miscarriage or irreversible defects in the developing fetus if the hormone is used while a woman is pregnant. That is why careful assessment of any bodily changes is required to prevent any unwarranted damage to any pregnancy that might occur during the treatment.

HCG side effects in young boys administered with HCG include early onset of puberty. The doctor should be promptly notified if the boy develops signs of puberty like pubic hair growth, deepened voice, increased sweating, and acne break-out.

Other important things that must be considered when taking HCG are the following:

– Allergic reactions to HCG upon initiation of treatment

– Signs of early puberty or precocious puberty

– Hormone-related cancers like prostate and breast cancers

– Thyroid disorders like hyper and hypothyroidism

– Adrenal gland disorders

– Ovarian cysts

– Undiagnosed or unusual uterine and vaginal bleeding

– Seizure disorders

– Heart and vascular diseases

– Asthma or other lung disorders

– Kidney disorders

– Migraines

– Pregnancy

The presence or onset of these signs and symptoms must be reported to the doctor promptly before or during the course of the HCG treatment. Occurrences of any of them could call for adjustments in dosage, special testing, or complete halt of the HCG therapy. It is very important that the doctor should be notified if any pregnancy occurs in the course of the treatment. HCG must also not be used when a woman is breastfeeding because the synthetic HCG could be passed to the baby through the breast milk.

HCG diet by is used to treat or correct conditions of infertility in women.

How to Keenly Choose Long Island Real Estate Agent?

Whether you are buying or selling a property, it is important to choose the professional Long Island real estate agent. There are quite a few things you need to keep in mind so you can succeed in choosing a real estate broker. There are times when people make a mistake because they only base their choice on the presentation or the fact that the agent is only asking for lower commission. However, there are still a lot of things you need to keep in mind for you to make sure that you are going to succeed in hiring a real estate agent. To know more about it Click here.

The first thing you need to do is to make a research. Do not simply rely on your own instinct and gather references. This way, you will have an idea of the quality of work of an agent or broker you are planning to consider. There are also real estate app you can download and this will help you to find the nearest broker in your area. You should also check if the agent is informative, friendly and professional. They should also be able to provide useful information whenever you are asking them questions.

real estateEven reviews and ratings matter because this clearly indicates the performance of the agent. Agents with the best ratings give you guarantee that they are going to provide excellent customer service. You should not also go for just one agent. As much as possible, you should interview multiple brokers for you to really find out which of them gives you what you are looking for. Some of the factors you need to take into consideration include the number of deals they were able to complete, the number of deals in the area you are already interested in and the strategies the agents are going to use.

You should also set your communication expectations with the agent. When there is lack of communication, the agent and the client will not be able to meet halfway and this can be a big problem. You also need to discuss which type of communication works for both of you. It is important to have an idea of the agent’s schedule so you will know when you are going to meet up to discuss things concerning the property you are going to sell or buy. However, if you and the agent do not mesh, it will be quite challenging for you to coordinate with each other.

Even if you are new to hiring a real estate agent, this should not be an excuse to consider the bad ones. There are still a lot of agents who are willing to provide you exceptional service. Hire the ones that are licensed and professional in dealing with clients like Long Island real estate agents.

Why You Should Buy LGD-4033

While you can pick the program you want to engage yourself in to build muscle mass, there will always be a limit to how much stress your body can withstand. This is why a lot of people are not satisfied with the results they’re getting by simply placing their muscles under great pressure. You will never be contented with what you may achieve. This is a statement most bodybuilders will say if they’re building muscle without taking something to enhance their workouts.

This is reason enough for someone to buy LGD-4033, a drug that is purportedly meant for increasing energy levels, which is mainly beneficial for strength training. This substance is said to mimic the effects that can be produced by taking testosterone supplements. However, because of the side effects that testosterone replacement therapy is known to produce on the prostate and the liver, LGD-4033 has been born. This doesn’t pose any issues to the liver despite being administered orally.

buy lgd-4033This drug is a nonsteroidal SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) that is administered orally. The results that you can obtain from taking this drug can be compared to that when taking anabolic steroids. The drug is claimed to help treat muscle atrophy, a condition where muscle mass is reduced and leads to muscle weakness. This may occur naturally as people age or because of cancer issues. Because of how potent its effects can be, LGD-4033 is considered as one of the better SARMs available to the public.

But before you go out to buy LGD-4033, you need to at least be aware of exactly how it works. As a type of SARM, it binds your androgen receptors selectively. This means that it will only affect a particular set of androgen receptors in a certain tissue so greater results can be achieved while minimizing any unwanted effects.

LGD-4033 is able to demonstrate anabolic activity and robust selectivity in the bones and muscles. As based on clinical studies, the effects you can obtain from this drug can be maximized with an intake of up to 22mg, without compromising tolerability and safety of the user.

Many athletes and bodybuilders buy LGD-4033 so they can use it in their bulking phase to increase their lean body mass while reducing fat in their bodies. There are evidences that the drug can improve energy levels and endurance. This easily allows users to engage in their workouts for longer periods.

If this is to be used for bulking, you need to have a diet that is rich in protein to enhance its effects. Those who wish to get more out of their workouts may want to include a few more calories in their diet. On average, you can expect optimal results from taking LGD-4033 after about 8 weeks, provided that you take 5-10mg of the drug on a daily basis.

If you are in a cutting cycle, LGD-4033 is best taken in conjunction with two other SARMs, which is called a SARMs triple stack. The idea behind this is increasing size while significantly reducing fat. Should you engage in this cycle, the recommended dosage is about 5 mg taken for 8 weeks.

Of course, while some believe it’s safe to buy LGD-4033, others may think otherwise. However, the risks of taking this drug are minimal. Because of how it works in the body, there will be no need to worry about any unexpected side effects. This is what you can guarantee only if you are purchasing from a reputable source. Many consider this a better alternative to steroids primarily because of how safe it can be. Additionally, this can be bought at a much lower cost.